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I visited New York City on Wednesday, February 11, and as always, was captivated by the life of the city. I was ready for a busy day with my theater friends, but had no idea just how busy and rewarding it would be. We began our day with a workshop at B.B. King's with Eduardo Rioseco, and it was amazing. He really made it alot of fun, and although i never took dance classes I felt as though I caught on quickly with his teaching, and wished it didn't have to end! As if this wasn't fun enough, we then went to see your show at 3. I was seated in row F, and was in awe of each actor and actress the entire time. I can only wish to be up on that stage someday; it felt so close, yet so far away. Everyone was so gifted, and to be so close as to see the tears in their eyes was unbelievable. Along with Eduardo Rioseco and the rest of the cast, Christopher Hanke did an amazing job. I truly felt his character come alive, and his singing was breathtaking!

Seeing FAME was so inspiring for me. I have been acting for 6 years, and have loved every minute of being on stage. to hear songs such as Fame, I Want To Make Magic, and Bring On Tomorrow, brought tears to my eyes because I could fully relate to what they were saying. Also, being a senior in high school made the graduation scene extremely touching. I have a "second family" in my theater friends, and I cannot imagine leaving them in June!

I applaud each of you for your work. Every day on that stage would be like living a dream for me, and I thank you for letting me see the possibilities and letting me hear the wonderful messages in your songs. Keep up the amazing work!

Class of 2004


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