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Following are actual quotes from email received from visitors to the Fame Network. Only first names are used and when possible, city and state or country is included.

FROM ANNIELISE (Newark, New Jersey)

“My name is Annielise and I am 9 years old. I live in New Jersey and I saw "Fame" last night. It was cool! I loved when Tyron rapped, and when Carmen came out on stage on top of the taxi and sang "Fame". My grandma bought the CD and I have been listening to the music all day long. My favorite one is #5 Fame. My grandma loves "Bring On Tomorrow" and she is a school principal and wants the graduates to learn the song for graduation day. All my friends and all adults really enjoyed the show. My dream will be to interview Carmen. I want to ask her about the way she learned to sing so beautifully and I liked the part when she sang in Spanish, because I am Puerto Rican 100%. I think she is beautiful. I like the one who did not want to play Romeo. He is so funny! The ballet dance with classical music was the BEST! I want to see Fame again and again and again and I want to buy the movie. Good luck in all your shows. Maybe I see all of you again.”


“Hey everyone! Wow, it's hard to believe that it's been over a year since I stepped onto stage with all of you! I still can't seem find the right words to thank you all enough for what you did and how much it means to me still. You've all inspired me in so many ways. I've gotten more involved with the theater productions at my school, I began to teach myself more dance, instead of simply going to a teacher, and I realized that my dreams can come true. I send my love your way, and may God bless everything each and every one of you! You all deserve the best!! Make sure to try and keep in touch! From the bottom of my heart, Jennyfer.”

FROM AMANDA (Pittsburgh, PA)

“I saw the play at the Benedum Center with a bunch of my friends from drama class and we are in 9th grade and we loved the play! Each actor/actress reminded us of ourselves, it was a great play and one of my favorites! My friend Kelly and I can not get the song Fame out of our heads!”

FROM HUGH (Detroit, MI)

“Hello All: Just wanted to say all of you are wonderful and because of you all communicating your thoughts, realities, and success stories regarding Fame and how it's effected your lives Fame will live on for generations to come!! :) Actually it's you the next generation of performers that keeps Fame alive. Thanks to very one who uses the Fame Network. Keep the dream alive behind the Fame message. If you all do this I am sure this community of Fame friends will continue grow and learn from each other and reach out and touch and change lives forever. You see I am an older Fame fan in my mid 40's who has lived through Fame the movie and was inspired then, then years of watching the tv show, and now after years of just memories have had the opportunity to relive and experience the play Fame which is Fame at it's best. So for me Fame is some thing I look forward to again and again. Not just through Fame as a show to see but as a reality for you all. Peace to all and continue the dream behind the Fame message and share it. Detroit's # 1 Fame Fan Hugh”

FROM JIM (Coral Springs, FL)

“ Saw your performance in Coral Springs tonight. I must say that you were all unbelievable. The energy and conviction presented on that stage tonight was truly memorable. It made the energy of the theatre come alive in South Florida. Thank you all so very much! Being an educator myself I wished my students could have seen the performance and learned from the powerful message conveyed in the show. Keep up the fantastic work!”

FROM JAIDE (City unknown)

“ I go to a p.a. college and we recently presented "FAME." It was probably one of the most controversial and inspiring productions our college has put on and I think the issues which arise in it are relevant to the problems young performers face today.”

FROM CLEARA (Coral Springs, FL)

“All, I can say is.. WOW!! I know the story of "Fame" and I have seen other performances of it, but nothing compared to what I (saw) in Coral Springs, Florida!! You guys were phenomenal... and that is putting it lightly!! I really felt the performance, it really touched me! (Esp. the end :) ) You all have sooooo much talent, and being an aspiring actress/singer/dancer. Watching you guys onstage got me even more motivated! Well, now I'm just rambling. So thank you for your time!! :) Keep up the AWESOME work!!

FROM DAVID AND RHETT (Former FAME cast members)

“This is David Garcia and Rhett George, former school kids. We are here in New York and just thought we would say hello to everyone we know. Rhett is now doing Aida on Broadway and is having a good time. David is sleeps all day and bakes cakes. (Ha ha). Sophina Brown is doing some show on 42nd street, we don”t know. ( Ha Ha) [The Lion King] All of your head shots look great and your cast looks like a lot of fun. We hope that all of you are having good time. Hope you guys have a great remaining run. Love David Garcia and Rhett George.xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxo”


“I just saw FAME yesterday at the Detroit Opera House. It was the best show that I had ever seen. The talent of the actors, dancers and singers is
incredible! I got chills down my spine! I was most impressed with Christopher Hanke who played the role of Nick Piazza. I noticed him coming out of the theatre after the show and had had to rush over to compliment him on a spectacular show! And Jose's song "Can't Keep it Down" had me in stitches! Well, I just had to write to compliment the incredible cast and crew on a most amazing production.”

FROM BETH (London, England)

“My name is Bethan, I'm 16. I recently went to see Fame in the Victoria Palace in London. It was truly the most amazing show I have ever seen! As soon as I was old enough to want anything I wanted to be famous. When I was 6, I joined an acting club, which I was a member of for 6 years. We acted, sang, danced, and recited poetry and prose. I left aged 12, after growing disheartened that I was not making progress. (At the time, I did not realize that I probably did not have the talent). I am mentioning this because when I went to see FAME, I was reminded of the reason I ever had my burning ambition. It stirred up the same feelings in me as I felt a decade ago-watching people on the stage with so much talent and energy that I could not think of anything more wonderful than to be performing on the stage. I think that the performers of FAME are incredibly lucky, but also completely deserving, to be in that position, of every single night inspiring people to aim high, and to always strive for their goals. Saying this, I found it wonderful how such a magical show could simultaneously be so realistic and distressing by showing the other side of the strive for success. I'm glad that Carmen's plot was included, because that is exactly what happens to so many hopefuls heading for stardom in Hollywood. FAME was the best show I have ever seen, and can be held responsible for inspiring many more people to enter this wonderful career. Thank you for a wonderful, memorable night!”

FROM SHARON (Toronto. Canada)

“I was lucky enough to have seats (front row, center) for (a) performance at the Pantages Theatre in Toronto, Kudos to the entire staff. I have seen most of the big name shows that have come through Toronto over the years and none of them has come close to last nights production. The energy that you showed, the balance between song and dance and an actual storyline and the wonderful humor all combined for a most enjoyable evening. I was so engrossed in the show I actually shed a tear when Carmen's demise was evident and I was laughing at Joe Vegas before he even spoke in anticipation of the line to follow. From the fabulous solo by Mabel Washington to the awesome body and moves of Tyrone, to the wonderful storyline between Nick and Serena to the, I could go on and on. Every one of you deserve a huge "WELL DONE." Thanks. Remember Peace & Fame Forever.”

FROM HUGH (Detroit, MI)

This reviewer takes a positive view of Fame the musical while others seem to look at it in a negative light. They start by comparing it to the movie, which is unfair. Remember live theater is not a movie and a movie is not live theater. Actually Fame the musical is a very simple common denominator which is easy to understand and draw from. Youth from all over are being inspired by it and are touched by it as well. Have you ever gone to Fame's web site: and read the message boards. Youth from all over the word share what Fame is all about and talk about what it means to them. Fame is a positive influence with all the ordinary popular entertainment venues around this is by far better it carries a message with it that has a positive impact on people especially youth. As far as the construction of the show technically. It is very sophisticated and alive with the creative spirit which is the driving force behind Fame. Behind this driving force are a dedicated hard working group of young performers. All of who are the essences of what Fame is about. With out them it would not click. The real proof of Fame's success is its ability to communicate diverse messages and ideas to today's youth in a positive way. It touches on so many issues that youth deal with from illiteracy to friends verses sex to who am I to what do I want to do with the rest of my life to drugs and so much more. The seats fill for the shows and the audiences are receptive to the show. Most leave smiling and feel touched in some way from it.”


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