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July 4, Singapore -- It was a night of lively colors, singing, dancing and humor! Fame The Musical opened in Singapore on Thursday, July 4 at the Kallang Theatre. Featuring a full Australian cast, the famous West End musical centers around a performing arts school in New York City.

There was always something going on -- scenes shifting seamlessly to the many characters, each with their own dreams, ambitions and obstacles. The most enjoyable part of the "Fame" experience though was trying to keep your eyes on all the dancers at once -- it was difficult because everyone was moving about!

Miguel Ayesa, as Joe "Jose" Vegas, probably ended up as everyone's favorite character at the end of the evening. Funny, charming and witty are hardly the words to describe this man's talent! Every time he came on stage for his bit, you know you're about to have a laugh! Another hot favorite was Tyrone Jackson, played by model/dancer/actor/extreme games sportsman Peter Harrington-Olsen. Not only was Peter well built and good looking, his sleek dance moves -- everything from ballet, break-dancing to street dance -- were definitely a hit with the girls!

Fame hungry Carmen Diaz, lovelorn Serena Katz and hungry Mabel Washington were perhaps the most memorable female characters. Played by Deone Zanotto, Laura Fitzpatrick and Amanda Davis respectively, these three women had more prominent and solo parts than the others. Fame was something these three girls craved for, but in a different way and we witnessed a change in their characters as the show went on.

In the end, it was as expected -- a happy ending. Well, at least for most of the students. Friendship and love were the main issues in this musical instead of fame.

This is a chance for the youths of today to experience the early '80s. For those who watched the movie and the hit TV series during that era, will bring back lots of fond memories.

-- Eileen Keh


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