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Opening in the Calderón Theater 02-01-2006
The Spanish version of the musical comedy ' Famá lands in Madrid

Ls Infants Elena and Cristina attended tonight in the Calderón Theater from Madrid the opening of "FAMA", who, directed by Ramon Ribalta, transfers to the Spanish scenes the musical comedy that devastated in the decade of the 80, and which it has imagined in 70 countries.

In the opening of tonight they were also the sisters of the King, infants Pilar and Margarita.

Alan Parker took in 1980 to great screen life of students of School of Arts of New York, whose form of life and work occurred to know mainly by the series of television that was made later, with the same name.

Today the musical comedy, turned a classic one, is staged in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan or Mexico. The work exhibited year in Barcelona the past.

A plea against drugs
In the presentation of the musical comedy, the one in charge of the choreography, the Coco Comín, emphasized the use of the work because she deals with common problems to youth all the times, and very specially of which want to dedicate itself to the world of the spectacle.

The thirty and eight artists who take part in the Spanish version have been selected in formation classic, the ballet of expert Cuba or being in claqué.

"FAMA Father", so and as is made call the author of the work, David de Silva, has not let change no of the characteristics of the personages. Another exigency is that it has a distribution formed by Afro-American, Hispanic or Nordic.

The director assured that the piece is a plea against the drugs, that pleads for the personal overcoming and that deals with the question of the coexistence between different cultures.

Oleguer Alguersuari, musical director of this version of "FAMA", defined the work of "different" from the rest of musical comedies. What matters, said, is not as much the script as the dance, the music and the theater, that are the true spectacle.

The distribution groups faces known like Daphne Fernandez or Amaury R. Reinoso - the series "a step advanced" -, and of which they aspire to being it like Alejadro of the Saints, Courteous Momo, Eva Diago or Brown Cristina.



Friday, February 03, 2006
FAMA the musical comedy, in the Calderón Theater of Madrid

Madrid has become the cradle of the great musical comedies . At the capital the best spectacles and the public, enamored with the multiple supplies end on which it counts, reserve in their calendars the free nights to enjoy works, to disconnect and to dream.

"Today I cannot be raised", "Night club", "Mayumana '", "Mamma Mine", "the ghost of the Opera"... all of them have shone during months and years thanks to the enthusiasm of thousands of people and to the heat of their applause.

Now, just released in the Calderón theater, " FAMA ", theater version of the musical comedy that takes its name - inspired by the film of Alan Parker promise a alluvium of visits. The distribution is made up of young artists, Spanish and Latin American singers and dancers who will infect the rate, music, the dance and the illusion to us.

La historia nace en la célebre High School for the Performing Arts de Nueva York. En ella, un grupo de estudiantes se comprometen a dedicar cuatro años de su vida a la música y el baile. Poco a poco, los personajes nos atraerán por sus diferentes personalidades y el espectáculo se adentrará en sus problemas juveniles : la identidad, la confianza en sí mismos, la droga, la sexualidad… Todo ello aderezado con mucha y variada música, estrella principal de la obra, junto a la fama que persiguen sus personajes…

… aunque, sin duda, en la vida real, estos muchachos ya la han acariciado con la yema de los dedos.

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