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From Nick, In a message dated 04/04/2003 6:32:31 AM Eastern Daylight Time :
I am putting on the show of "Fame the Musical" with my collage I am a technician and had an interview to do the lighting for the show. I have been picked and was just wondering if I could speak to one of the lighting designers from the origanal fame. I have been doing lighting since I was 8 years old and I am now 16 have you got any advice for me?

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Dear Nick,

Thank you for writing.  We always enjoy hearing from friends and fans around the world, especially those who connect so strongly with the hopes and dreams of the characters in FAME and congratulations on being selected lighting designer. 

Regarding your inquiry, unfortunately since we are based in America, the original lighting designer is not available for any questions.   You may want to send a message to the theatre in London for help from their designer.  You can see his webpage here:   Fame The Musical

However if that doesn't work out here are some ideas to get you started.  The concept for the show
really should come down to what the director and the design team want the show to be, and how big your budget can be. The producer told the LD on our show he wanted to spend extra on the Lighting to add production value to the tour. So we then got to the point of what could we put into the show to make it look like an 80's rock show. We also take the school away at the end of the show for the bows/FAME encore. (So we got to use what I like to describe as Audience Abuse lights).   For the American production we use MDG haze through out the show (to the dislike of many of the cast and crew), so you can see the beams of light. We use Studio spots for specialized beams and effects, and VL5 Vari*lites for the downlight washes. We have DHA light curtains thatare striplights with a 27 color scroll that also tilt, along with 4 cyberlights on the floor fo nice shin light effects. We also used UV lights for "Dancing on the Side Walk", that brought out UV paint hidden in the set, and the actor's costumes. But then one of the best effects are the 19 Source 4s with irises used in the opening for each of the kids during "Pray".

Having said this, I know you don't have the budget for all these toys.  So what I think is most important is DANCE LIGHT, since our show is so heavy in dance. This means Side lights and shins. But what is most important is making sure that the cast can be seen. But make sure you, the set designer, wardrobe designer, and director are all on the same page.  Hope this helps and good luck with your production.

The North American tour of FAME ended its three year tour after playing all over the United States and Canada, however a West End production and a tour continue in England and a new American company is currently being organized for the fall of this year.  Check our WebPages listed below for updates because we're always on the move, singing and dancing our way from coast to coast.  You can keep in touch by logging onto our website at or where we have recently opened a Message Board so you can communicate directly with other FAME fans.

Once again thanks for writing.  And remember, every achievement begins with a moment of inspiration, followed by persistence and HARD WORK!

Best wishes from the FAME Company, cast and crew.


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