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From Ron Schiller, student, Los Angeles County High School of the Arts

hey!!! well our fame is going great. we have some amazing dancers and singers and actors, its going to be an amazing show, the choreography is Broadway quality. the singing is amazing. the girls who is playing miss Sherman is one of the best singers i know, and she is white, but she pulls it off, and we are doing dreamgirls second semester and she got Effie, and out musicals are always the best. our production of fame is going to be February 18th and the 19th at the Luckman Theater witch is on the campus of Cal Stat University. its an amazing theater. and we are having a SPECIAL performance Wednesday February the 23rd at the Fruid theater on the campus of UCLA. its a benefit, celebrity's and movie people are coming, the heads of wannor brothers are going to be there same with MGM and Paramount, its amazing and for them for that show, tickets are 200 $ and up!!! but family and friends and some public will be able to come, and tickets are just 15 dollars for them. its going to be gre at. my favorite numbers in the show are hard work, there she goes/fame, dancing on the side  walk, these are my children which everyone will be talking about when they leave, in la, and bring on tomorrow. and there are stuff thats a little different then the real fame musical, like the beginning, we are having auditions when the show starts off, and i am the opening to the show!!! ahahahaha i love it.  the audience is going to walk in with the song i sing the body electric from the movie playing and then they sit, the lights go out the curtains goes up, and u see me do 2 cartwheels on stage with pink tights, black leg warmers and black leotard and a black head ban and i start doing the maniac dance from flash dance with hat song playing and then you hear miss bell say next and the show with off like that, I'm loving it!!! its going to be great. i wish you could come see it. m really trying to promote the show, so people come see it, i really want some of the fame cast from a ny of the fame productions to come see us and give us support, our choreographer and co-director Miss Erika Gudis, from what she told us, was asked to be the understudy of Carmen and iris, but she said she turned it down, she is amazing, we love her,, i mean this is really going to be one hell of a show,and i would love for you, who ever you may be to come see the show and get the fame cast from the real vision, which ever ones to come see us too, we have performed so many of the numbers all around, a few weeks ago we performed the hard work reprise and fame numbers at a benefit or Sandra Bullock and Paris Hilton and many other celebrity's in Beverly hills, it was amazing. anyways ill try to send you pictures of the show. please write back, my name is Ron Schiller. i am a dancer and actor and singer. our school thats putting on this production is LACHSA, Los Angeles County High School of the Arts. the show is February 18 and 19 at the Luckman Theater on the campus of CSULA&n bsp; and February 23rd at the fruid theater on the campus at UCLA, 2005. e-mail me back please. thank you so much. bye.


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