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Bradenton boy Broadway bound.
Jan 15, 2008

BRADENTON - A 9-year-old Bradenton boy is Broadway bound.  Child actor Brandon Reid is being noticed by some major casting companies out of New York.  We caught up with him just before he left for his trip today and he told us all about what he hopes for the future and he even offered us some advice.

"Two years old he just walked out on stage and did everything we asked him to do.  Right then is when we knew we had a performer."

Brandon Reid just started acting a year ago and he's already being cast as the star in a Broadway musical.  "There was a casting director here from "Fame Forever" and "Nine," and they talked to me after the show and they said he has it," says Brandon's mom Kim Reid.

Brandon will star as Peter Pan in the musical play.  For eight weeks he will tour eight states with the Gurtman and Murtha touring company.  "It's his passion.  He loves to sing, he loves to dance, he loves to perform.  So for him...I'm excited for him for a great opportunity," says Brandon's dad Dennis Reid.

And at nine years old he's already making a name for himself.  "My friends think that I'm going to be famous one day," says Brandon.

"He's always loved music and music was a part of his life from day one."  And now his love and passion have paid off, but not without hard work and getting through some pretty tough obstacles.  Brandon got turned down in a New York audition last year, but he says that didn't stop him from trying again once he got the call for Peter Pan.  "The second audition for Peter Pan was a little bit nervous, but it's getting better."

Brandon says he couldn't have gotten this far without his parents. 

"Just support them.  If this is something they want to do support them.  Just being there and giving them the opportunities when they come, even if they're small opportunities."

And Brandon himself is giving out a bit of advice for all the kids out there who wish they were doing the same thing.  "Just follow your dreams and you'll eventually get there."

"Who know's who's out there.  There might be a casting director watching, just keep going."

Brandon starts his performance in Washington and ends in Nevada before returning home in March.


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