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Carmen and Schlomo
(Nicole Leach & Dennis Moench)
Peter Reardon, Cheryl Freeman, Nancy Hess and Gannon McHale as the teachers in Fame on 42nd Street . Ensemble members of Fame on 42nd Street.
Iris and Tyrone
(Emily Corney & Shakiem Evans)
Jose and Mabel (Jose Restrepo & Q. Smith) Nick and Serena (Christopher J. Hanke & Sara Schmidt)
The Band (Jena Coker,  Michael Kary & Dennis Moench) Principal Cast  
The cast of Fame on 42nd Street The cast of Fame on 42nd Street The cast of Fame on 42nd Street
Marque Lynch from American Idol joins the cast as Tyrone. Carmen on the taxi Carmen at the Junior Festival
Carmen singing Bring On Tomorrow Carmen & Schlomo singing Bring On Tomorrow Hard Work
Hard Work, Full Company Hard Work Mabel's Prayer Dance
Mabel's Prayer, close up. Mabel Junior Festival, Full Company
Joe Vegas singing Can't Keep It Down Joe Vegas and Mr. Myers Marque Lynch as Tyrone performing a jump split.
Mabel's Prayer Ms. Sherman singing These Are My Children Nick and Serena singing Let's Play a Love Scene (reprise)
Serena and Nick fighting. Music Class Nick singing I Want to Make Magic
Nick during Junior Festival Scene Serena singing Think Of Meryl Streep Serena singing Let's Play A Love Scene
Fame's Teachers Tyrone at the opening of the show. Shakiem Evans as Tyrone performing a jump split.
Tyrone and Iris, Pas de Deux Tyrone and Iris, Pas de Deux Carmen, Junior Festival
Rick Cornette in the role of Nick Piazza    
Richard Martini, Producer, Judith Nathan, Rudolph Giuliani Backstage at the Little Shubert Theatre on 42nd St. Two Goodys: Michael Kay (NY) Raffaele Kohler (Italy) FAME cast with the Italian GOODY, Raffaele Kohler, backstage.
Gannon McHale with Rudy Giuliani Tony Curtis with cast members from Fame. Sara Schmidt and Tony Curtis
The legendary Tony Curtis with the lovely ladies of Fame. Monica Small (Miss Sherman, Italian Production) congratulates Cheryl Freeman (Miss Sherman, NYC) backstage at the Little Shubert Theatre, Feb. 2004. Opening night poster designed by director Drew Scott Harris
Male ensemble backstage. Luis Salgado, Ryan Chotto and David Garcia  
Nicole and cast performing There She Goes. Newsday Photo - Ari Mintz Dance Class. Newsday Photo - Ari Mintz Curtain Call Photo by Aubrey Reuben

Photo Credits: Carol Rosegg, unless otherwise stated.


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